Knowledge of Jacquard Towel You Should Know

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Jacquard towel is a kind of towel woven by jacquard loom and, it usually has at least two colors design. Jacquard is always the preferred choice for towel with logo or other pattern. We can get many fancy patterns not mention logos without jeopardizing the towel quality and the hand-feeling. They do not need further special finishing, when they are roll off the loom, they are almost finished products, only stitches work left. Everyone like jacquard towels, except the price of cause.

There are two kinds terry towels made by jacquard loom, by the way, towels almost are all woven.

One kind of jacquard towel is plain color, which with embossed pattern. This kind jacquard towel’s cost is similar to plain woven towel not too much higher. This type towel will be sent to dyeing and washing after off the jacquard loom, only one color is available, just like niomal plain woven towel.

The other kind of jacquard towel is yarn dyed. We can use up to five colors yarn to weave the towel, but that  is not recommended, because of too high cost. 2~3 colors jacquard towels are common and affordable.

Yarn-dyed jacquard towels are good at color-fastness, since towels are made of dyed yarns instead of raw yarns.

this type towels are usually found at sports towels, fitness towels, golf towels, and gym towels with custom logo. Such towels are generally small size and light weight, so is affordable.

As to solid color jacquard towels are generally for bath mats, some times used for sports towels, gym towels, and fitness towels too.

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