100% cotton plain dyed dobby border bath towels

  • Solid color dobby border bath towels
  • 100% cotton
  • dobby border
  • 21s/2 ring spun yarn
  • 400gsm~950gsm
  • 70*140CM


100% cotton dobby border bath towels, cam border plush plain solid color bath towels.

Bath towels or hand towels, even washcloth sometimes will have a border which have no loops on it, the border always across the towel widthwise, and  can be located in the end or the middle, technically any point of the lengthwise.

Such towels with this kind of borders are manufactured by dobby looms, so we call they dobby border. So called cam border towels are the towels with border in the middle of the towel lengthwise.

These towels usually use premium 100% cotton 16s/1 yarns, with long-loops are very luxurious, fluffy. It’s weight generally range 600gsm to 960gsm.

The border is a perfect place for we to embroider logo or print logo, so they are very welcome to hotels and other business.


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