What is Hydrocotton?

What is Hydrocotton?

What is hydrocotton? I was confused when was asked by this question the first time.

As we all know, hydro is about, of, relate to water, then what the hell the cotton to do with the hydro?

Zero-twist terry cloth
Zero-twist bath towel

I would like to say the name is an obvious stunt, actually, the cotton has nothing to do with the hydro but weaving does.

If we say hydrocotton towel that two words together make sense.

It means that towel was woven by towel loom use zero-twist yarns.

Zero-twist terry cloth
Zero-twist terrycloth

In fact, the towel loom can not weave use no twist yarns, under the weaving the yarns must have certain strength the twist is a must. So people invent a special synthetic fiber which can be solved in the water, apply such fiber twist with cotton yarns.

The grey towel is got ready, afterward under bleach and rinse processing the synthetic fiber is gone,  meanwhile cotton yarns’ twist is gone too.

To conclude, “hydrocotton” towel is zero-twist towel.

Because no twist to strengthen demand high quality of cotton yarns, long staple sea island cotton is preferred.

Hydrocotton towels are ultra soft and absorbent, and dry quickly.

Zero-twist terrycloth usually used as baby towels, such baby hooded towels, baby washcloth….

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