Covenant Tex Co.,Ltd is a Leading custom cotton towel manufacturer & exporter in China was founded in 1998, and has been supplying premium terry towels to the hospitality industry ever since. Covenant Tex is located in Huai’an city, Jiangsu Province, china, employs over 200 people.


Our Products range from bath towels, hand towels, washcloth such bath linens, and golf towels, beach towels, pool towels to bathrobes.

We specialize in Private Label towels, and hotel collection towels. Bulk Custom Towels with Custom Logo are supplied by us at great competitive price. You only need to provide us towel’s size, weight, if possible , count of yarns for piles loops, and picture&photo&Pdf&AI of your logo, we finish the rest. We can provide custom Embroidered Logo, Yarn-dyed Jacquard woven Logo, Embossed (Sculptured) woven Logo, the three techniques.

Our high speed air jet terry towel looms ensure both excellent quality towels and high turnout, since high speed weaving require high quality cotton yarns and precision of movement. Regularly the daily total output(8hours) is about 4800kg. The improved turnout largely decrease the unit cost that gives our towels more competitive price.

We soberly understand that the quality is a lifeline for our business, we inspect each one of towels even though we have a lot of confidence in our products,  and we believe our valuable customers’ needs is always our first priority. We appreciate your valuable inquiry, since it is not easy to meet one such like you on the cyberspace.