KING TOWEL LIMITED is a towels manufacturer, it designs, produces and sales various towels and robes, it’s head office is registered in HONGKONG and factory is in Huai’an city, mainland of China. We have been in the towels trade for a long time, since 1996. We only do towels and it’s related product suck like robes business.
Our main customers are business clients.
Our towelsand robes mainly for bath, pool, beach, sports(golf towels,fitness towels), and spa or beauty salon.
We offer OEM and ODM. Tell us your blueprint or your idea , we will help you to realize it.

The towels every day we use are mainly welf weaving and pure cotton. Cotton is one of the most popular and durable material for towels.

Towel as like the other textiles are usually treated by chemical, such like bleach, dyeing. Considering towels are directly touch our skin, the safty is widly concerned. Our towels are strictly following instruction which Chinese government issued safety standard GB18401-2010, for your understanding we can following European Reach instead, because our products are all meet both their standards.