What is a terry velour ?

What is a terry velour ?

Terry Velour is a kind of fabric derived from terry cloth, it’s one side covered with small loops kept uncut, the other sides loops were scissored /cut  that make it’s surface smooth and soft looks like velour or velvet.

Velour fabric is always expensive than terry cloth even though they both have same quality, weight, construction, density and yarns. Because of to get certain weight velour fabric, we need get heavier terry fabric firstly, then cut loops off one side of it, the loss of weight account about 20~24% . So even though they are same weight the velour fabric has extra cost than terry: lost loops and processing cost.

terry velour
Terry velour cloth

Generally we use terry velour to make velour bathrobes or spa robes, printed beach towels etc. .

We are leading Chinese terry fabric, terry velour manufacturer and wholesaler vendor. We can produce custom terrycloth and velour with various weight(thickness), loops and yarn counts.

Velour fabric can be further processed that be finished with reactive silk screen print to get lovely printed beach towels or blanket. Print generally company velour , because that pattern effects of printed velour is better than it of printed terry.

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    1. Dear Mr.Maurice,

      Generally, the weight of towel velour fabric range from 300gsm to 460gsm. As to colors, we can provide any solid color, or screen print, what we need is only your color number.

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