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Difference among yarn count 21s2, 32s2 and 16s

We all know there are many counts of yarns, but there are several common kinds of count yarns applied in towel industry. They are 21s/2ply, 32s/2ply and 16s/1ply.As the count number is an indicator of the yarn’s finest, such like 21s, 32s and 16s. Two yarns combined together by spinning get thicker and stronger. We indicate them by 21s/2, 32s/2. According to the common sense, the more fine yarns the more delicate towel, then can we use 45s/1 , 60s/1 even 180s/1 yarn to weave towel? No, that is not practicable, that towel can not be use as a towel , it will be too delicate, and the towel will be too expensive to use. Because 21s/2 is thick, so […]

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