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Yarn-dyed weaving towels

There is a special kind of towels, which features identical patterns on opposite two sides except the colors are different. The right side is a normal pattern, on the opposite side is a stencil pattern. We call this type towels are yarn-dyed weaving towels, which are woven by a terry loom with a jacquard attachment, […]

zero-twist terry towel

What are zero twist towels? Explained in simple language. Zero-twist towels use longer and stronger cotton fibers, allowing them to be looped through the towel base instead of twisted out from the towel. This means that you feel smooth loops when drying off rather than many short stubby twists. Zero-twist towels are perfect for sensitive skin […]

Cam border towels vs dobby border towels

hotel towels

Dobby border is a terminology mean the border is woven by terry loom with a harness named dobby . Dobby is less sophisticated than jacquard, it only capable to give simple and repeated geometric patterns. Borders on towels are designed to be decoration only, especially for hotel collection towels. We commonly have embroidery of business […]

Buy the best bath towels

dobby border bath towels

To buy a favorite bath towel there are several immediate key factors  should be took into account. There are three determinants of a towel’s quality. They are Absorbency, Softness and durability, and certain balance between them. Bath towels weight The thickness(GSM) is crucial to the absorbency, generally higher GSM means higher absorbency, but that is […]

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