Bath towels manufacturer

A bath towel is a large terry towel with which you dry yourself after a bath or shower. Bath towels belong to bath linen. Bath linens include washcloth, hand towels, bath rugs and bath towels.

Bath towels bath towels

Bath towels usually made of cotton, but some towel manufacturers use cotton blend or mix with polyester to raise strength of yarns of towel. But as we all know polyester is hydrophobic, so polyester is not favor. That towels contain polyester only to reduce the cost most of the time.

100% cotton towels are preferred, because of cotton is natural material and hydrophilic. Cotton bath towels are absorbent, soft and fluffy,  that very good for drying water and wrap body to keep warm. High quality cotton makes high quality towels.

Bath towels quality not only depend on material used but also it’s weight or thickness.  More heavy towels mean more water absorbency, bath towels usually range from 350GSM to 800gsm, of course it is not the absolutely case, since too heavy weight would make bath towel stiff, that is not good for wipe water and wrapping. And towels’ price generally changes according to the weight of towel.

Besides weight of towel, there is another important metric, it is size of towel. Bath towels always come with big size, because people after bath use it wrap around body before wear bath robe or cloth.

Since bath towels used to dry water and wrap around body after bath or shower, it is not easy to get dirty. If you use bath towel at home, do not wash it after use it every time, it is ok before you use it twice, you all need to do is dry it by air or heat after use it.

White bath towels is better than the others colors bath towels, Because  white towel use less dye-agent and easy to take care of, easy to find if it is dirty.

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