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Buy the best bath towels

We use bath towel to absorb water and wrap our body after bath. Bath towels are usually thick and heavy, the GSM(Gram per Square Meter) generally range from 400~800. Bath towels material There are various materials for towels. The most populous are cotton, bamboo fiber and microfiber. Bamboo fiber are most soft, even softer than cotton, appropriate for washcloth for baby and kids. But bamboo fiber is belong to rayon which easy to broken. So BAMBOO FIBER TOWELS are not durable. Microfiber do not absorb water itself, even anti-water. Microfiber towel absorb water use interspace betwwen microfibers, so the water can be squeezed out easily. That is why microfiber towle dry quickly, but provided that you squezzed hard befor. Cotton […]

gift towels

Lovely quality towels are ideal gift for new house and new couple, and corporate gif. We are a leading gift towels manufacturer, most gift towels are custom made towels. Towels are unnoticeable household textiles but necessary and useful in our every day life. There is no problem that we have more towels even we already have one. So you do not need to worry about the receiver has towels already, he/she will need it soon or later. Any towels can be use as gift towels, there is no limitation, bath towels, hand towels, washcloth, golf towels, beach towels, any you can image. Towels as present should in double or set, and must be packed nicely. The ideal way is have […]

Beach towels

What is a beach towel? The beach towels are almost as big as bath sheet, but relatively thiner, generally range 300~450gsm. Beach towels are a versatile towels. They can work as sheet towels to lie on, or use as bath towels to wipe off or dry off water, or applied as bath wrap to wrap it around our waist or shoulder. What do beach towels looks like? They have many shapes as we know. Such as square, rectangle, round, or cape or other shapes. And the beach towels mostly are colorful, printed or jacquard with patterns on them. What kinds material are for beach towel? There are two main materials for beach towels, cotton and microfiber. Premium beach towels are […]

Sourcing towels in china

Sourcing in china for best towels manufacturer provide you quality commercial towels,towel bath robes and custom made towels,golf towels at competitive price.

Custom towels

Custom towels are made as customer’s specific requirements, to meet individual customer’s special need. That said, regular towels finished with embroidery of customer’s logo, that is not custom towels and almost no MOQ required. If the logo is woven, that means we design the towel from the beginning, here is always the MOQ requested. With regard to beach towels or hooded towels, if they are made of printed terry velour, there is MOQ required. A customer’s specific requirements usually include size, GSM, colors, techniques, and design. We have standard specifications of towels, but customers always have their special needs. Such like gym towel or fit towels with zippered pocket. Our standard towels are usually white color that intended for hotel […]

Golf towels

Golf towels is one of golf equipment, golfer used to wipe ball and clubs or dry golfers hand and face. There are usually two kinds material for golf towels. One is cotton, the other is microfiber. Cotton are natural fiber more soft and comfortable for skin, so it is the preferred material for towels that used to wipe hand and face. And use microfiber golf towel clean clubs or balls. For cotton golf towels, there are two different finished fabrics. One is terry cloth or toweling,  and the other is terry velour cloth. Terry velour is derived from terry cloth by cutting piles or loops off one side, the raised remains compose a soft, even and smooth surface, while the […]

Hotel towels suppliers

Hotel towel suppliers who supply various commercial towels to hospitality business. I can safely say, most commercial towels are made of 100% cotton, use choice long-staple cotton. Hotel towels inclucde luxury five-star hotel towels and economical motel towels. I want to make a especial explanation here. The two types of commercial towels are at the same level of quality, just the former feature luxury and softness, the latter feature durability.  Covenant Tex Co.,Ltd is a commited 100% cotton commercial towel manufacture and supplier to hospitality business with understanding and support to our partners. Towel manufacturers can be a hotel immediate supplier when hotel need custom made private label towels, and in big quantity. Hotel towel towels are designed for hotels […]

100% cotton 32s/2ply hand towels

Terry towels use 32s/2 yarns are soft and durable although not as fluffy as 16s/1 yarns. They are really a economical choice for hospitality industry.

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