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Private label towels are custom towels which towel manufacturer produced according to private label owner’ order. To put it simply, we towel manufacturer is hired factory. The towels must meet the private label’s standards, such like material, technique, especially the quality level. We are one of the leading cotton towel manufacturers and suppliers. We can manufacture various towels according to customer’s request, and  are able to present customer’s unique logo with custom jacquard and embroidery, or printing. You can send me your idea, then we work out the prototype for you. Our customers’ needs are always our top priority, besides quality towels, service is important too.

Why is it environment-friendly to use white towels?

We all love colorful towels, but if possible I would suggest you only use white towels. The following is why. Firstly, white towels can not hide dirt. If you care about your personal hygiene,you should keep your towels as white as possible. Second, white towels are easily to wash and handle. You can use hot water, H2O2 and other laundry detergent, even Sodium Hypochlorite, so called liquid bleach. Third, the white towels are environmental friendly. Since white towels only through bleach process no further dyeing process, very short time in dye house and use less water. Colored towels will use much of dye and towels keep in the solution very long time and use much more water to cleanse them. […]

What is the difference between washcloth and the other towels?

Bath linens are towels application in bath room, they include washcloth, bath towels, hand towels, bath rugs and finger towels. They are all made of cotton and is terry, but has different usage. We use washcloth wash face and body, so it is basically used for cleaning. Our skin usually covered secretions and dirty mostly are oil,  so washcloth should be lipophilic. Washcloth is wet all the time in use, so we always want the washcloth can dry as quickly as possible. And we want the washcloth to be easily washed, that is why washcloths are always small and light weight. The other towels are not, they generally keep dry and as absorbent as possible. So the other towels always […]

Difference among yarn count 21s2, 32s2 and 16s

We all know there are many counts of yarns, but there are several common kinds of count yarns applied in towel industry. They are 21s/2ply, 32s/2ply and 16s/1ply.As the count number is an indicator of the yarn’s finest, such like 21s, 32s and 16s. Two yarns combined together by spinning get thicker and stronger. We indicate them by 21s/2, 32s/2. According to the common sense, the more fine yarns the more delicate towel, then can we use 45s/1 , 60s/1 even 180s/1 yarn to weave towel? No, that is not practicable, that towel can not be use as a towel , it will be too delicate, and the towel will be too expensive to use. Because 21s/2 is thick, so […]

What is the MOQ of the order?

MOQ, Minimum Order Quantity. MOQ as a question raised always company custom-made towels. Custom color, custom design, custom pattern or logo, custom package etc. Why there is MOQ requirement ? Factory, always love continue production, best never change the specifications. Because once there is need to change specification, we must stop the machine firstly, then setup new warp beam, do a lot adjustments. Not finish here, we need a try production, produce a small quantity products, complete the left whole production procedure to get the finished product, then check the quality, weight, and size, and etc. If lucky, everything is ok, we can start bulk production now, otherwise, we need go over the whole procedure again. If the order quantity […]

Buying Private Label Towel in China

The most common reason for outsource manufacturing is the reduction of cost. Western companies outsource manufacturing to China to have their goods assembled, or completely built overseas, at incredibly low costs. … Hence, many people consider cutting costs by outsourcing their production to countries like China. Private label towel or white label towel is regular towels or custom towels made for certain label owner by towel factories. The towels are various from quality to material and woven techniques, before buying private label towel, you should know your niche market. Since you put your label on a towel means you guarantee it. As buyer you should negotiate with towel manufacturer, and give them as more specific instructions as possible to make […]

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