Cam border towels vs dobby border towels

hotel towels

Dobby border

is a terminology mean the border is woven by terry loom with a harness named dobby . Dobby is less sophisticated than jacquard, it only capable to give simple and repeated geometric patterns.

Borders on towels are designed to be decoration only, especially for hotel collection towels. We commonly have embroidery of business logo on it.

Dobby is a mechanical part in a loom that controls the harnesses so as to permit weaving of small and simple geometric figures. Or a small geometric figure woven into fabric. Or the fabric with such repetitive figures.

So on the border sometimes we will find some simple repetitive geometric figures or patterns.

There are no loop piles on the border, it is flat woven.

Cam border, the name maybe come from the appearance of the border on the towel, because it looks like a cam.

These towels with border are designed for hospitality , the purpose is to carry on the business name or mark.

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