Towel and terry cloth, the differences and connections

Terry cloth is a heavy fabric with loops pile on the both sides or just one side of them. Those loops give the towel power of absorption. Towels are made of terry cloth, a rectangular terrycloth are woven on the loom with certain size and borders which without loops/piles on them. After dyeing washing etc. […]

What are the terry cloth and kinds and difference

A pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes. Also called terry cloth. The terry cloth features loops on it’s surface which designed to absorb water and keep warm. By woven method or machine, terry cloth can be divided in woven terry cloth and knitting […]

Difference between yarn size 21s/2 , 32s/2 and 16s

1.2kviewsTerry cloth for bath towels usually use four kinds of yarn size: 21s/2 or 21s/1 , 32s/2 and 16s/1 as loops/piles, and apply 21s/2 as warps, 21s/1 as wefts to weave terrycloth base. In towels business, yarn count make no difference between quality of towels, considering use which yarn count to weave towels vary according to application purpose. […]

What is terry cloth or towelling?

Terry cloth or towelling is a kind of fabric with loops on one or both sides weaved in to the  ground fabric woven by special towels looms. Terry cloth are soft and great at absorbing water. The loops material and it’s length and density determines the water absorption power.  Mostly , they are made of […]