Bath towels manufacturer

There are several types of towels in bathroom, according to usage they can be classified into face towel or washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet and bath rugs.  A bath towel is a relative heavy large terry towel with which you dry your body off after a bath or shower, and usually we wrap […]

Microfiber towels

Microfiber towels are the towels made of Microfiber. Microfiber is an artificial fiber finer than one denier, having a diameter of less than ten micrometres. This is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk, which is itself about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. Besides the fine diameter, the microfiber fiber has […]

How to check towels quality?

Towels is one of the  most important household commodities in the bathroom. There are always are bath towels, hand towels, washcloth, and bath mats. Towels quality can affect our living quality, this is not any exaggeration at all. You will definitely be dismayed to find your towels are scratchy, stiff, and do not absorb water, […]

Towel and terry cloth, the differences and connections

Terry cloth is a heavy fabric with loops pile on the both sides or just one side of them. Those loops give the towel power of absorption. Towels are made of terry cloth, a rectangular terrycloth are woven on the loom with certain size and borders which without loops/piles on them. After dyeing washing etc. […]

What are the terry cloth and kinds and difference

A pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes. Also called terry cloth. The terry cloth features loops on it’s surface which designed to absorb water and keep warm. By woven method or machine, terry cloth can be divided in woven terry cloth and knitting […]

Golf towels manufacturer

356viewsGolf towels is one of golf equipment, golfer used to wipe ball and clubs or dry golfers hand and face. There are usually two kinds material for golf towels.One is cotton, the other is microfiber. 100% cotton towels are natural fiber more soft and comfortable for mankind skin, so it is the preferred material for […]