Embossed jacquard towels

embossed jacquard towels

These embossed towels with impressive engraving like pattern which woven by special jacquard. This type jacquard terry cloth is different from yarn-dyed jacquard.

Yarn-dyed jacquard towel uses dyed yarns to weave, generally has more than two colors. It has even surface, the pattern identified by its color, and it is finished when it go off the loom.

The embossed jacquard towel use gray yarns to weave, it is greige fabric when it go off the loom, need further processing, such as desizing, dyeing etc. Those patterns looks like were embossed on the towel.

Embossed jacquard towel’s both sides have same color , and the yarn-dyed jacquard towel has different contrasting colors.

There are difference between 16s/1 yarn and 32s/2 yarn loops, 32s/2 looks more clear and incisive, but 16s/1 looks more fluffy and luxury.

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