Golf towels

velour golf towel
Golf towels is one of golf equipment, golfer used to wipe ball and clubs or dry golfers hand and face. So there is two applications for golf towels.
There are usually two kinds material for golf towels. One is cotton, the other is microfiber.
Cotton are natural fiber more soft and comfortable for skin, so it is the preferred material for towels that used to wipe hand and face. And use microfiber golf towel clean clubs or balls.
For cotton golf towels, there are two different finished fabrics. One is terry cloth or toweling,  and the other is terry velour cloth. Terry velour is derived from terry cloth by cutting piles or loops off one side, the raised remains compose a soft, even and smooth surface, while the other side loops keep intact.
All  golf towels can be finished with embroidery of custom logo.
The terrycloth golf towel can be turn into velour golf towels by a serial special  processes that cutoff one side loops, keep the opposite side’s.
The velour side of towels is very smooth and soft, because of only trim fur was left. So the cotton terry velour golf towel is very welcome to golfers.
Microfiber is artificial fiber, 100% polyester or 80% polyester mixed with 20% towels
Microfiber golf towels is cheaper compare to cotton golf towels, but it is more absorbent and easy dry than cotton, because of ultra-fine fiber, it can be finished by printing or embroidery too.
There is recommendation from golf towel manufacturers. One Golfer should bring two pieces towels, one is microfiber golf towels for wiping clubs or balls, the other cotton golf towels used to wipe hand and face.
Most golf towels come with embroidered logo or printed logo.
Golf towels usually go with grommet and clip or hook, carabiner, or something like that to make it portable.
We are a professional golf towel manufacturer, specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality cotton terry towels. Only towel manufacturers can supply various  personalized golf towels .
Golf towels’ size usually is not big,  generally similar to hand towels, similar size, weight and use.
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