Golf Towels

Towels for golfer to wipe dirty off golf balls and clubs, or wipe sweat off hand and face. Golf towel’s size like a hand towel, and because it must be portable, it usually has a hook. Golf towels’ thickness like hand towels as well, usually from 400gsm to 600gsm. personally prefer 550gsm.

There are many materials for golf towels, mainly are cotton and polyester microfiber.

Since cotton is natural material, it is friendly to human skin, no need to worry about allergy.

Cotton golf towels usually are soft, thirsty and have smooth texture, especially for the terry velour golf towels have a velvet texture. It is the perfect choice for wiping sweat or water off hands and face.

Polyester is a hydrophobic material, itself do not absorb water at all. But towel made of polyester microfiber can absorb water because of it’s special structure, A cross section of the split microfiber fiber under high magnification would look like an asterisk, and that hollows can hold water. When you press the microfiber towel hardly, the water will be squeezed out from the hollows. Hence, microfiber towels easily to dry quickly though not in the nature way. Because of the special structure, microfiber towels are good for cleaning, since the hollows can “eat” dirty. So microfiber golf towels are better for wiping golf balls and clubs and hands as well.

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