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Hotel towels suppliers include wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. Common hotels replenish towels in small quantity time from time, that is not convenient for them to make purchase from towel manufacturers directly, because of minimum order quantity requirement, further more, towel manufacturers are not around mostly. So there is the wholesalers and distributors, they are not some complements, they are the key market player to keep the commodities flowing. 

Towel manufacturers can be hotel immediate supplier only when hotel need custom made private label towels, and in big quantity.

Hotel towel towels are designed for hotels and such like hospitality business,  feature white color and high quality. They are soft, absorbent and durable can withstand bleach many times yet still soft and absorbent. Hotel towels or hotel collection towels are usually thick and heavy, generally range from 450gsm ~ 800gsm, except bath mats. Bath mats or bath rugs are always very thick, the GSM usually above 750gsm, up to 1200gsm. Hotel towels is an assembly of bath towels, hand towels, washcloth and bath mats.

hotel towels
Hotel collection towels

Cotton towels are the best choice for hospitality industry, because of it’s natural characters, such as skin amicability, excellent water absorbency, softness and so on, so mainly hotel towels are made of cotton.

We wholesale hotel towels of high quality at affordable price, quick shipping, bulk sale price available.

Luxury dobby border bath towels, hand towels, face towels/washcloths, bath mats with custom business logo wholesale at bulk sale price.

Small order quantity is available at same price, no further charge.

As regards as to packing, we usually use bale plus poly bags and compress the towels to reduce the shipping cost, according to request otherwise.

Hotel towels suppliers are not only deal in towels, they usually supply various merchandises that hotels need. 


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