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Hotel towels

luxury hand towels

Once you have been used hotels towels you may be impressed by their luxury, softness and absorbency, as if they are always brand new, but common sense we know that is impossible. Surely, the hotel towels quality is unquestionable. High quality towels use high quality material. There are many materials available for towels, such as cotton, microfiber, flax, bamboo fiber, rayon/viscose rayon, polyester and so on. Actually, bamboo fiber is a kind of rayon.
But hotel towels only use cotton and 100% cotton of high quality.
Cotton has always reigned the king of fabrics. It is extremely strong, durable, and offers higher absorbency than other materials. The long staple and combed cotton is the best.five star hotel bathroom towels

Hotel towels usually are heavy, of high GSM(Gram per Square Meter), which indicate the thickness of towel.
The GSM of hotel towels are almost never not less than 500Gsm, even reach 800GSM. Bath mats can reach 1300GSM. This quality make the super absorbency possible.

As you may have noticed that almost all hotel towels are white color.
At first glance, using all-white towels in a hotel might seem a bit absurd; white fabric is the easiest to stain, after all. But that’s also exactly why it makes sense. White sheets assure guests that the towel is clean and fresh. And because they look and feel so clean, they also give the impression of luxury—even if the hotel itself is rather inexpensive.
The second, presumably the real important reason is white towel is more easily to clean and process. There are always various stubborn stains only bleach can remove them. Colored fabric can not be bleached as we all know. And when washing, you do not worry about these towels will stain each other.

Hotel towels is a kind of commercial towels, so the owner always like to put their business logo or name on it.There are generally three ways to achieve it. The jacquard and yarn-dyed jacquard, and embroidery, imprint is a bad idea. The jacquard we talked here is a special technique, it’s product’ pattern looks like was embossed or sculptured. The traditional yarn-dyed jacquard towel is expensive and require a big MOQ. Now the new technique of yarn-dyed jacquard towel is cheap, the cost is almost similar to flat weaving. This technique combined with dobby border can replace embroidery achieve satisfied hand feeling. Embroidery combined with dobby border is prevailing for now .

Find a reputable hotel towels manufacturer & supplier is a good start. Towels manufacturer specialize in hotel cotton towels usually are not as big as which produce towels for household market, because their profit is limited, since hotel towels cost almost transparent.

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