How to buy the best towels

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Towels have diverse utilizations, to summarize these main applications, they are bathroom towels, beach towels, workout towels or sports towels, golf towels, kitchen towels and car washing towels.

For beach towels and car washing towels, the most common material is microfiber, which compose of polyester and polyamide or just 100% polyester, beach towels made of microfiber are almost all 100% polyester. Some golf towels are made of microfiber too. The others are mainly cotton towels.

There are several factors we should take in to account of the towels.


There are two indicator we ought to consider, How much water it can take and how quickly it reach the saturation.Usually more heavy towel can take in more water provided that they have same moisture content. Microfiber and cotton yarn use different way to take in water. Microfiber keep the water in the hollow of fiber, the fiber itself do not absorb water, cotton yarn works otherwise. By the way that is why microfiber towels is easy to dry after wring. Since cotton yarns absorb water by it’s nature, the quality of cotton is vital. But sometimes we do not need towel to be too absorbent when we use towel to wash or clean.


We all love the soft touch of towels. Factory can use soften agent to make the towel soft, but after washing the agent will gone. And the soften agent will jeopardize the absorbency of towels. So the softness of the yarn itself is important. Generally, the long staple cotton can give the satisfied effects. Factory can use single ply yarns instead of two ply yarns to achieve better softness.


Durable towel means the strength of yarns is good. Yarns’ strength depend on it’s length of staple of cotton,  longer staple means stronger after spinning. And the material (cotton) must be in good condition, such like with proper moisture content, and is not recycled.  Factory use ring-spinning to improve the strength of yarns, some times use two-ply. Fiber of Polyester is stronger than cotton, but it is water-repellent. Incidentally, the rayon is recycled material, even though is soft but not durable.

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