How to check towels quality?

Towels is one of the  most important household commodities in the bathroom. There are always are bath towels, hand towels, washcloth, and bath mats.

Towels quality can affect our living quality, this is not any exaggeration at all. You will definitely be dismayed to find your towels are scratchy, stiff, and do not absorb water, pill,

So how can we tell a towel is of good quality or not? As a towels factory ‘s manager I would like to teach you some tricks.

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Firstly, we look at the label  stitched on the towel. The prevailing material used is 100% cotton, more than 95%  in  the industrial.

Second, look the color. Premium quality towel’s color is bright and clear, as to the poor quality towels whatever the color is it will looks dirty and dull.

Then touch towels with hand. Good towels will feel soft and smooth, poor quality towels will feel stiff and rough. The premium cotton has long staple/fibers and high purity that assure the smoothness and softness.

Fourthly, test the absorption of water.  Put a towel on the water to check how many second it tooks to immerse in the water. Good quality towels usually took 3~5 seconds , standard quality towels usually took 5~8 seconds, poor towels will took longer.

Lastly, we will check the edge of towels, to see if it is even and straight,no curve, the width of hem should be stable and hem is even. There should be no broken or missed stitches, and the adjacent loops should be tidy and close to the border of hem.

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