How to choose a reliable supplier in china?

Although China under economic downward pressure but it is still the biggest sourcing place on the world because of it’s mature industrial base.

I has been in foreign trade since 1998, I realized that in the whole supplying chain everybody is supplier, find supplier is to seek for business Good partner can smooth the way of your business, bad supplier is a real thorn in your side, even worse ruin your business.
chinese supplier
Methods to find supplier there are too much, I will not discuss it further. We here discuss how to find good supplier.

As the saying goes, proper is best. Fist of all, we need to evaluate our own business, our capability then we look for our counter partner. In other words, if we are small business we will work with small factory,if we are big company we need big factory. Because of your order quantity. Different scale manufacturer has is own Minimum order quantity request considering it’s output capability, except that the products is standard. So from the begging you should figure out your supplier’s monthly output or annual output, and the number of employees it employ.

The second, You must know your own business, know what resource is must. Try to figure out whether your supplier has these must resource, whatever the means he have these resources, bought, borrowed, rent. There is a question, if the supplier is located in a connected industrial cluster? In china there are many many industry or business cluster in different area. In the industrial cluster there are many same or different factory which specialize in varied process steps. These factories compete each other meanwhile cooperate.This amass great resources and competences.

In fact we do not deal with factory or supplier, we deal with people, the real men and women. The first person we get in touched usually is the sales representative, we want the guy is honest, I believe it is really important and necessary. Through the salesperson we recognize the manufacturer. If the sales provide us false or deliberate shadowy information that would be not good.
What we need is that the contacts we touch must be honest and willing to cooperate. The second you need to consider that is the manufacturer’s boss and the others has influence in the factory, That would make our cooperation moves smoothly.

The backup. We can not put all eggs in one basket, that is absolute right. But I will not to say it is a backup, I would to say it is diversity, my claim based on the fact that no one factory can fill all your orders. Marketing circumstances is keep changing while  the original supplier keep rooted. So to have a bunch of resource is vital that let you have considerable flexibility and initiative .

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