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Covenant Tex is a terry towel and bathrobe manufacturer and supplier in Mainland China, devoted to supplying highest quality products at best price.

What is beach towels?

print beach towel cotton

What is a beach towel? Beach towels are terry towels commonly used as sheet on beach, and sometimes use it wipe water after swimming or just wrap body to keep warm against cold sea wind on the beach. The beach towels are almost as big as bath sheet, but relatively thiner, generally range 300~450gsm. Beach […]

Sourcing towels in china

hotel towels

Sourcing towels in China is never as convenient as today, but it is never an easy job, it demands a lot of energy and time, and you will be obliged to wait for unpredictable upshot until consignments arrived. On the flip side, towels manufacturers in china are in the similar situation. Cotton towel manufacturers most […]

Custom towels

embossed jacquard towels

Custom towels are made according to customer’s specific requirements, to meet individual customer’s special need.  Customer control each specific, from material, design, size and weight, and packing, every detail. We call this model private label, also called a private brand or private-label brand, is a brand owned by a company or person. The towel factory […]

Golf towels

velour golf towel

Golf towels is one of golf equipment, golfer used to wipe ball and clubs or dry golfers hand and face. So there is two applications for golf towels. There are usually two kinds material for golf towels. One is cotton, the other is microfiber. Cotton are natural fiber more soft and comfortable for skin, so […]

Why is cotton the best material for towels?


1. Is cotton fully biodegradable? How long does it take to fully biodegrade? There is growing evidence that cotton biodegrades in most natural environments. Cotton microfibers are readily biodegradable in wastewater, soil, freshwater and seawater conditions, while polyester microfibers are durable and non-degradable. How long it takes cotton to biodegrade depends on the conditions of […]

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