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Covenant Tex is a terry towel and bathrobe manufacturer and supplier in Mainland China, devoted to supplying highest quality products at best price.

Hotel towels suppliers

Hotel towel suppliers who supply various commercial towels to hospitality business. I can safely say, most commercial towels are made of 100% cotton, use choice long-staple cotton. Hotel towels inclucde luxury five-star hotel towels and economical motel towels. I want to make a especial explanation here. The two types of commercial towels are at the […]

Embossed jacquard towels

embossed jacquard towels

These embossed towels with impressive engraving like pattern which woven by special jacquard. This type jacquard terry cloth is different from yarn-dyed jacquard. Yarn-dyed jacquard towel uses dyed yarns to weave, generally has more than two colors. It has even surface, the pattern identified by its color, and it is finished when it go off […]

Private label towel manufacturer

Private label towels are custom towels which towel manufacturer produced according to private label owner’ order. To put it simply, we towel manufacturer is hired factory. The towels must meet the private label’s standards, such like material, technique, especially the quality level. We are one of the leading cotton towel manufacturers and suppliers. We can […]

Why is it environment-friendly to use white towels?

face towels

We all love colorful towels, but if possible I would suggest you only use white towels. The following is why. Firstly, white towels can not hide dirt. If you care about your personal hygiene,you should keep your towels as white as possible. Second, white towels are easily to wash and handle. You can use hot […]

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