100% cotton round beach blanket

100% cotton terry velour

380gsm,  150cm Diameter

Round beach blanket

Reactive print finish

Customizable pattern

Trimmed with tassel


Round beach towels are popular for beachers to lie on. The premium round beach towels are generally made of 100% cotton terry velour with lovely printing. Such round beach towels are welcome because of they are soft and absorbent, the velour like surface make you fell cozy and warm. Besides being used as blanket,it can be used as bath wrap.

The round towels are cut out of square terry velour cloth which has been or has not been printed. Then the edge is bound by cloth and with or without decorating fringe.

We can use these towels on beach and other occasions. We can find they are in yoga exercise too.

This round towels usually is 300gsm to 450gsm and with various printing designs.

round beach blanket
round microfiber beach blanket


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