100% cotton hooded baby bath towels

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  • Baby hooded towels
  • 100% cotton
  • 21s/s ring spun  yarns
  • 75*75cm ,  380gsm
  • pipping border
  • meet Oeko-Tex requirements ,oeko-Tex is the globally recognized and trusted testing system for ecologically safe textiles


100% cotton hooded baby bath towels

100% cotton thick and soft terry cloth baby hooded towel for babies or toddlers of fabulous water absorption and amazing softness .

Recommend fine 21s/1 or 16s  yarn to care baby’s tender skin. The best yarn is zero-twist for terrycloth.

Edged with binding.

hooded baby towels
100 per cent cotton terry cloth baby hooded towels
baby hooded bath towels
100 cotton terry cloth child’s hooded towels

Bath towels for babies must be ultra soft and absorbent but not be too thicker, according to our experience generally 350gs ~ 500gsm is appropriate, and the weight change with the season. The weight of towel above 700gsm is deprecated. Baby bath towels usually has a hood which used to to cover baby’s head and dry off the water from hair and keep head warm and use the bath towel to wrap baby after bath or swimming.

Since this  type towels are for babies, besides comfortability they must be arresting to babies. There are many designs to achieve the aim, such embroidery, printing, colorful jacquard and so on.

The last thing is packing. We have many ways provide interesting packages, and we are open to your own designs.

We are an experienced kids’ towels manufacturer, have produced tons of towels for children, babies, kids.


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