Embossed figured towels by jacquard

100% cotton towel

Figured towel with embossed pattern

Customizable pattern

Woven by towel jacquard loom


How to make an ordinary towel attriactive? We usually have many ways to get it, but there is one of the most effective and econimoical way to make it, by jacquard.

Towel Jacquard can woven intricate patterns on towel, such as flower, and letters. Compnay usually put their logo on it.

Towel Jacquard can produce two kinds figured towels, one with many colors and even surface as normal towels. The other is what we talk about here today. This figured towel has only one color but arbitrary one, it has embossed pattern in the towel, usually the pattern is a logo. There is a important difference between the two kinds jacquard, the former use dyed yarn, as soon as it go off the loom, it is almost a finished product, the latter is just a grey towel, it need to be sent to dyeing factory for dyeing.

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