100% cotton custom-made jacquard gym towels

  • 100% cotton
  • yarn dyed jacquard
  • ends 21s/2, picks 21s, loops 32s/2
  • colorfastness to perspiration : above 4 grade
  • Breaking strength: warp >= 22kg, weft >= 19kg
  • Limited  chemical: Compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • 550gsm+
  • machine washable


Gym towels or fitness towels, workout towels, whatever the name is, such towels are made for wiping off  perspiration. When we exercise we alway sweat a lot, especially sweat on the forehead would flow into our eyes, that hurt a lot isn’t it? So we need a good towel which is absorbent and soft.

There are many kinds towels for your choice, we will find out that cotton towels are prevailing. Why cotton towels are popular, because it is very absorbent, soft and easily to dry, and cotton is natural material that would make our skin comfortable.

Such functional towels size and weight are very important. Bath towel is too big and heavy, hand towel is too small. We need towels can be wrapped around our neck, so it must be long enough, usually suggest 80cm ~ 110cm, towel width suggest 35cm ~ 40cm, and weight around 500gsm is prefered.

With regard to the design or decoration, as a user I would like to have a solid color plain weaving towels, white is my favour but easily find dirty, blue or grey is favored too.

If company needs design or logo, I will recommend jacquard towels, because jacquard towel can provide  company’s logo meanwhile do not impair the use of the towels. A little more expensive but far more attractive.

Jacquard towels is good, but the con is they manufactured must be in bulk, so small order like hundreds is not available or it would be too expensive. Why? Because of the setup costs. There are tool adjust, material change, machine reset, and testing the initial output to be certain it meets the specifications. All these works are preparing works.

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100% cotton custom-made yarn-dyed jacquard gym towels


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