Hilton hotel towels

$1.79$2.09 /Piece

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This is the hotel towels custom-made for HILTON hotels.

Use Choice premium combed yarns woven these deluxe hotel collection towels.

Combed yarn: refers to the yarn produced by the use of high quality cotton fiber as the raw material, which is produced by adding the combing process to the carded yarn. The practice is to comb the shorter fibers and remove the impurities in the cotton to make a smooth yarn, make the cotton more tough, not easy to pilling, and the quality of the cotton is more stable. The yarn of the combed cotton is finer and of better quality. Fabrics made from combed cotton yarns have a high level of quality in texture, washability and durability. The hand feels soft and delicate, the precision is soft and smooth, and the texture is fine and smooth.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Towel Name

Hand Towel


Yarn Count

Towel Size

40cmX76cm, 40cmX80cm

Towel Weight

150gram, 180gram



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