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100% cotton hotel collection bath towels,  simply put hotel towels,  are white commercial towels for hospitality business.

Hotel towels are intended for hotel bathrooms, but not only for them. Such towels for spa, beauty salon and many other occasions.

Hotel collection towels are bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, washcloth and bath mats etc. Most hotel towels are in white color, except some for theme hotels.

Cotton’s quality and weight of towel are main cost, but the darkness of color is another important factor upon cost too.

Hotel towels usually use choice cotton, that makes towel soft, absorbent and durable.

Product Name

Towels Set



Size of Towels

70cm x 140cm and 35cm x 75cm, 80cm x 150cm and 40cm x 80cm

Weight of Towels

500g/pc and 120g/pc, 600g/pc and 180g/pc

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