Durable hotel white bath towels

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Terry towel is one of the every-day household articles, they are bath towel, hand towel and facecloth. As usually , our towels are colorful and with many design, jacquard, embroidery so on .

But if you have been stay in hotel ,you will remember that almost all the linens in the hotel are white and luxury.

Hotel towels quality is related to hotel ‘s service level. Economical hotel usually us 32s/2 ring spin yarn, above 4 star hotel use luxury 16s spiral ring spun yarn, generally above 600gsm,that make the towel  plush ,excellent water absorbent.

There is requirement of breaking strength of hotel towel,  because hotel towel must stand up to continual washing machine washing, so certain durability is necessary.

Why hotel towels almost are white or light color? Because that is to assure  the guests that the towels is clean,since on the contrast of white or light color any stain on the hotel towels would be found easily.

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hotel towel white towel

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