Luxury five-star hotel collection bath towels

$7.98 $4.99

  • Luxury hotel collection towels
  • 100 percent cotton , plush loops
  • ornament with band
  • powerful water absorbency
  • Fabulous softness of hand feeling
  • Excellent durability


Luxury five-star hotel bathroom towels manufacturer

We are a esteemed hotel towels manufacturer in China. We wholesale hotel collection bathroom towels directly from our factory stock.

We accept OEM, your custom design, size, weight are all available.

Luxurious 100 percent worsted Cotton yarns towels for five-star hotel bathroom have plush long piles of loops on towels’ surface, give fabulous softness of hand feeling, offer great water absorbency, and excellent durability.

Choose us as your hotel towels supplier, we will never let you down.

hotel collection towels
hotel collection towels


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