Promotional tri-fold golf towels


100% cotton

Tri-fold golf towels

16s/1 or 32s/2 ring spun yarns

16″ x 26″, 420gsm / 115g

Stainless grommet, Carabiner clips




Golf towel is very important to golfer, poor golf towel will make golfer annoyed, good golf towels do it’s work silently even golfer do not aware it’s existence. Golf towel must be soft and absorbent and dry quickly, super color fastness against water and sweat/perspiration.

King Towel is a professional golf towels manufacturer, specialize in 100% cotton golf towels. We supply terry velour golf towels, promotional golf towels with printed or embroidered logo or slogan.

Promotional golf towels
Promotional golf towels


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