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Yarn-dyed weaving towels

There is a special kind of towels, which features identical patterns on opposite two sides except the colors are different. The right side is a normal pattern, on the opposite side is a stencil pattern. We call this type towels are yarn-dyed weaving towels, which are woven by a terry loom with a jacquard attachment, […]

How to differentiate Yarn-dyed Jacquard Towels from Printed Towels

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Besides plain weaving towels,dobby towels and embossed towels (one simple jacquard towels with embossed patterns, and always in solid color) there are yarn-dyed jacquard towels and printing towels. They both have intricate patterns on the towels, but one is woven into, the other is printed on. Jacquard towels pattern does not as complex as printing, […]

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