What is terry cloth or towelling?

What is terry cloth or towelling?

Terry cloth or towelling is a kind of fabric with loops on one or both sides weaved in to the  ground fabric woven by special towels looms. Terry cloth are soft and great at absorbing water. The loops material and it’s length and density determines the water absorption power.  Mostly , they are made of cotton yarn, options of 21s/1,21s/2, 32s/2 and 16s/1. Sometimes, towel piles are finished turn into spiral shape, enable it greater absorbency of water.

Towel construction. Towels are constructed of loops and  base. Loops or pills are the warps. Towel base is a simple woven cloth by warps and wefts, the warps usually more strong the wefts.

Terrycloth used especially for making towels and bathrobes.

Terry cloth

According to Technics there are two types of terry fabrics:

Woven terry fabric and Knitted terry fabric. Knitted terry fabric classify in to weft knitting and warp knitting.

  1. Towel Terry is a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Its content is usually 100% cotton, but may sometimes contain polyester to enhance it’s durability but impair the power of water absorption. These terry cloth usually used as bath towels, or for making bathrobes. Their normal density/thickness range 350~800GSM. For bathrobes terry cloth’s standard thickness is 350~400gsm.
  2. French Terry is a knitted fabric, used in men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. It can be with both sides weaved loops, or just one side is with loops/piles, and the other side is flat .  and the term French Terry is colloquially used for all warp knitted Terry. 180~320GSM,include standard thickness 320gsm, 220gsm 180gsm. The material has options of  CVC (80% cotton,20%polyester, or 90/10 ),  AND 100% polyester, or microfiber.
  3. Terry Velour. This kind fabric actually is derived from terrycloth, but further process by scissoring or shearing is applied. Normal terry cloth fabric  has loops on both sides, but velour cloth has one side loops sheared, meanwhile the other side loops kept. Most of this type cloth are used for bathrobes, kids’ bath towels or processed with reactive silk screen-print.

Standard Width of terry cloth is 150cm.

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