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Towels are made of terrycloth. Woven terrycloth are made by three systems, common warps and the wefts compose the ground of fabric, and the second warps make the loops. So you see, the terry looms have two warp beams. The size and thickness(weight) preset on the looms, cut into preset size after bleach or dying, and  then be hemmed. Yarn-dyed jacquard towels are different. They are finished products once leave the looms.
We design and manufacture various terry towels meet different requirements and needs. We are customer oriented company, customer’s need is our need.
Covenantex is a terry towel manufacturer in china, specialize in manufacturing 100% cotton high-quality terry towels and export worldwide, such like US, UK, AU and CA.
The terry towel has three basic applications, cleaning, drying and keeping warm.
We supply bath towels, bath sheets, bath mats, hand towels, washcloth, tea towels, kitchen towels, golf towels, hooded towels, beach towels, and hotel towels.

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