Hooded Towel

hooed towels

Hooded towel is a kind of towel which made of terrycloth or terry velour, usually  for baby or kids to wear after and  swimming, diving, or bathing.
Hooded towels have many styles and shapes,generally there are three shapes/types: Square, rectangular, and poncho.

babies hooded towels

baby hooded towel

Square towel is for babies, there are several standard sizes for babies of different ages, kindly check as follows. 75cm x 75cm, 80cm x 80cm, 85cm x 85cm, 90cm x 90cm, and 100cm x 100cm. Weight usually range from 320~450gsm.
Since for babies, the square towels are generally light color and made of terry cloth, the material is usually cotton or bamboo fiber.
Hooded towels of rectangular are usually for children and adults. This type hooded towels are very similar to bath towels, just added a hood on the bath towel. These towels can be terry cloth, terry velour, sometimes velour with print.

hooded towels for kids

Kids hooded towels

Now, here is the poncho towels. It can be made of terry cloth, terry velour, and velour with print. Poncho towels is a good choice for kids and adults after bath, swimming, and on beach.
Now we talking about the edge of towels. There are two kinds edge, hem, and binding. Square towels always use binding, the others can use both binding and hem. If we use terry cloth fabric to make hooded towels, the edge is binding, otherwise, we use finished towel to make the hooded towel, the edge will be hem. Binding looks better than hem, because binding looks more neat and beautiful.

hooded poncho towles

Hooded poncho towels with reactive print

All in all, whatever the towels’ type is, we should apply it in it’s best way. We are the chinese experienced hooded towels manufacturer supply premium 100% cotton hooded towels and cheap printed microfiber beach poncho at competitive price.

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