What is the hooded towels?

What is the hooded towels?


Hooded Towels are towels each with a hood.

Hooded Towels for babies, for kids and for adults.

For babies 0~3 year, hooded towels are usually square with hood at a corner and edge are bound with 100% cotton jersey(130~150 GSM) or cotton cloth. Towels are made of terry cloth with loops on both sides. The loops usually use 21’s 1 ply or 16’s 1 ply yarns, the yarns can be ring spun or open end, or zero-twist, which yarn is straight no twist applied, it is also so-called hydro-cotton.

baby hooded towelsThe weight of towels for babies usually 360~500gsm, plain dyed, white or light color.

As to hooded towels for toddlers or big children are usually rectangular, very similar to normal bath towels, except a hood on the middle of long-side of towel.

There are many options for the towels, it can be terry cloth with loops on both sides, or it can be terry velour which come from terry cloth with one side loops were sheared. Terry velour usually come with reactive print.

Here these towels edge can be folded or bound.

The weight of hooded towels for children and toddlers range from 450gsm to 700gsm(Terry Cloth) and from 300gsm to 420gsm(Terry Velour), plain dyed or printed. The yarns may be 21’s 2 ply, 32’s 2ply, 16’s 1 ply.

There is another type of hooded towels, it is hooded poncho towels, which like a poncho but with a hood always made of terry cloth fabric or velour.

Hooded Towels for adults are simplest, just a normal bath towel stitch a hood on it where in the middle of one long-side .

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