King Towel’s factory

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    towel rapier loom
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  • towel finishing
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  • air project towel looms
    Air project towel looms
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    Towels Factory

Covenant Tex Co., Ltd is a professional terry towels manufacturer and supplier. We have got 50 advanced air project towel looms and rapier towel looms, include 26 jacquard (91inches) and 24 Dobby looms(79/91inches), 36 plain weaving shuttle looms and necessary accessory appliances,1 Fabric inspection machine, 75 Computer-aided high-speed industrial sewing machines, 1 needle detector, 1 semi-auto packing machine.

Besides we own advanced equipment and skilled workers, we understand in order to yield qualified products the scientific managing system and professional dutiful middle managers are the keys.

Our hot sale products are sports towels ( gym towels, golf towels) and hooded towels, round beach towels.

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