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A good towel should be soft , absorbent and free from lint or fuzz.

Towel Softness is a tribute to the fine yarns and high quality material. In the toweling line the 32s/2 ring spun yarns is the proper choice for now. 16s/1 ring spun yarn is good too, usually with rather longer loops.

With regard to towels materials, there are two main categories, cotton and microfiber. I neglect the viscose such like bamboo fiber because it is only very small market share.

Bathroom towels as far as I know are almost all made of cotton. Cotton is nature filament is friendly to human skin. We can talk about why prefer cotton rather than microfiber in another post.

As we all know the cotton origin is important, where there are plenty sunshine there will be quality cotton. But further process is vital too. The combed yarns must be better than the  same denier carded yarns. Higher quality cotton can make more fine yarns, even 80s, 100s, but in towel business 32s/1 is the best many palaces cotton can do the work just fine.

Why we do not use more fine yarns? Because of the usage of the towels.  towel mostly use loops to absorb water, but too fine yarns have not good absorbency and easily broken and wear out.

Towels weight is a very important attribute of the towel, it is the base for calculating the cost. More heavy means  higher price. The weight by itself meaningless but combine with towel size it can indicate thickness of towel, we usually use GSM the Gram Per Square Meter to denote the thickness.

Theoretically, the higher thickness of towel will have higher water absorbency. Generally, the thickness can up to 750GSM~800SM, above this towel will be rigid and too heavy, except it is a Bath Mat, Bath Mat can reach 1300gsm.

So proper GSM is critical to the balance between softness and absorbency, according to our experience we suggest 500GSM~700GSM for bath towels, 400GSM~450GSM for washcloth, 400GSM~500GSM for hand towels.

As to lint problem, most are yarn flies when weaving are under processing. we have a additional process to clear lint before leave the dyeing factory. As for debris of short yarn, we recommend use relative high quality cotton with high strength, if affordable use combed yarns instead of carded yarns. In practice, before use we usually have the towel wash once, then there are basically free of lint.

On the subject of durability, we should consider three indication; 1. Length of loops. 2. Strength of yarns 3. Denier of Yarns. Lengthy loops have good water absorbency and softness but easily broken, same apply to the fine yarns. Strength of yarns are the stronger the better, of cause under affordable cost.

Water absorbency and drying-quickly they are the two opposite characters of towel. Towel water absorbency has two indicators: 1,  All the time used to absorb full of water, indicate how quickly can the towel absorb water. 3~5seconds is best.;  Cotton yarn absorb water mostly by it’s own innate characters, so long staple cotton is preferred.  2, How much water can the towel absorbed. This index is directly proportional to weight of towel on the condition of same yarn quality.  And the thickness  with size determine the weight. In other words, more thick towel has greater absorbency, but unlikely dry quickly. So if you want your towels dry quicker use  thinner and smaller towels or otherwise.


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