What is the difference between washcloth and the other towels?

platinum washcloth

Bath linens are towels application in bath room, they include washcloth, bath towels, hand towels, bath rugs and finger towels. They are all made of cotton and is terry, but has different usage.bath towels sets

We use washcloth wash face and body, so it is basically used for cleaning. Our skin usually covered secretions and dirty mostly are oil,  so washcloth should be lipophilic. Washcloth is wet all the time in use, so we always want the washcloth can dry as quickly as possible. And we want the washcloth to be easily washed, that is why washcloths are always small and light weight. The other towels are not, they generally keep dry and as absorbent as possible. So the other towels always big in size and heavy.

Cotton are friendly to our skin, and keep strong when is wet, the cotton washcloths are the best choice.

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