What is the MOQ of the order?

flat weave terry bath mat

MOQ, Minimum Order Quantity.

MOQ as a question raised always company custom-made towels. Custom color, custom design, custom pattern or logo, custom package etc.

Why there is MOQ requirement ? Factory, always love continue production, best never change the specifications. Because once there is need to change specification, we must stop the machine firstly, then setup new warp beam, do a lot adjustments. Not finish here, we need a try production, produce a small quantity products, complete the left whole production procedure to get the finished product, then check the quality, weight, and size, and etc. If lucky, everything is ok, we can start bulk production now, otherwise, we need go over the whole procedure again. If the order quantity is too small, it even can not meet our try production’s requirement.

And there is another factor determined the MOQ, that is the dye vat max volume. The smallest dye vat is 400kg, no matter how much below 400kg, the total cost is fixed, and each piece product will share it. So considering cost, you must consider MOQ.

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