How to differentiate Yarn-dyed Jacquard Towels from Printed Towels

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Besides plain weaving towels,dobby towels and embossed towels (one simple jacquard towels with embossed patterns, and always in solid color) there are yarn-dyed jacquard towels and printing towels.

They both have intricate patterns on the towels, but one is woven into, the other is printed on. Jacquard towels pattern does not as complex as printing, printing almost can put any image on the towel can even do gradient image,but jacquard towel can not.

With regard to cost of towels, jacquard towels with two colors are similar to printed towels, but when use more colors, jacquard towels cost will increase, and printed towels’ cost have nothing to do with colors number.

Jacquard towels wrong side is absolute the reverse of the right. For example, if one towel has two colors, if right side is red pattern and black ground, the wrong side will be black patter and red ground.

And printed towels right side has beautiful printing, the wrong side usually is white with pile loops. By the way printed towels usually has the right side piles loop cut turn into velour then print on it. Now, we can print on both sides, but only one side can be velour, because that if we cut off both sides pile loops, the pile stump/remainder will shed easily.

And jacquard towels durability is as good as plain weave towels, but printed towels are not. So jacquard towels can use as gym towels, beach towels, pool towels, any thing, but printed towels only be able to be used as beach towels.

But there is the exception, towels can be printed without have the pile loops cut on both sides, to some extent that will discount the effects of the image, but it’s durability almost same to the jacquard towels, except that it can not beat the color fastness of jacquard towels.

Footnote: Dobby, A mechanical part in a loom that controls the harnesses so as to permit weaving of small geometric figures.

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