Yarn-dyed weaving towels

There is a special kind of towels, which features identical patterns on opposite two sides except the colors are different. The right side is a normal pattern, on the opposite side is a stencil pattern.

We call this type towels are yarn-dyed weaving towels, which are woven by a terry loom with a jacquard attachment, that control the designs of pattern.

Yarn-dyed weaving towels are made of dyed yarns, and when it go off the loom, its size and weight is finalized, no need to go to the dyeing house .

Yarn-dyed weaving towels are always unique, they can not enjoy the bulk production’s benefit, so the price is a little higher than general piece dyed towels.

As it is unique, the towels  must share the setup cost, so there is always has MOQ(Minimum Order Quality ) required, in order to share the expensive setup to make sure this type towels affordable.

We as towel factory find most such towels are made of two color yarns, even though four color yarns are available.

yarn-dyed weaving towels

yarn-dyed weaving towels yarn-dyed weaving towels



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