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Sourcing in china for best towels manufacturer provide you quality commercial towels,towel bath robes and custom made towels,golf towels at competitive price.

Why is it environment-friendly to use white towels?

We all love colorful towels, but if possible I would suggest you only use white towels. The following is why. Firstly, white towels can not hide dirt. If you care about your personal hygiene,you should keep your towels as white as possible. Second, white towels are easily to wash and handle. You can use hot water, H2O2 and other laundry detergent, even Sodium Hypochlorite, so called liquid bleach. Third, the white towels are environmental friendly. Since white towels only through bleach process no further dyeing process, very short time in dye house and use less water. Colored towels will use much of dye and towels keep in the solution very long time and use much more water to cleanse them. […]

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